The Park


4 rooms that bring answers to so many questions in a dream and reality environment. An environment that goes back over the history of our universe, galaxy and earth. The secret of the birth of life starting from the first molecule to the birth of man.

It's your turn now to discover and contemplate the hidden face of the great architect of life.


In a second stage, a magical footpath will lead you to the tracks of dinosaurs: In the past, no human being could get in touch with dinosaurs (60 million years separate us)

A 5000 m2 forest offers you the opportunity to see life-size dinosaurs. Coming out of 230 million years, the diplodocus, the triceratops, the tyrannosaurus rex and many others will not be a secret anymore. Don't be afraid, they are all well-fed!


The adventure goes on… following our ancestors' tracks: Life-size scenes to strengthen our knowledge of the daily life and the evolution of man since our early ancestors; from the first inhabitants of the earth to the modern man, from the discovery of fire to the taming of animals.


Once done with this fascinating long journey, and after so many surprising discoveries, you will be greated in the arms of the legendary King Kong.


More than 800 m2 of covered activity area will guarantee a great end to a day filled with adventure. Maximum fun awaits in our special activities area, surrounded by a green view between the sky and the air.

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